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Tom told Nigel that he wanted to join us so we had planned this trip for him, even waking up half an hour earlier than normal to allow him time to reach the spot on his bike, but on the way to Nigel’s, Nigel informed me that Tom would not be joining us because he had not slept the entire night which Nigel presumed to mean that he had been clubbing.

In any case, we set off for the spot.

We had mixed results with both of us having trouble hooking up any fish. Quite literally. We had a few takes and misses, one failed landing and NO successful lands.

Tally for Spot Kilo Tango (E1)
Me (missed): 2 PB below 500 gram mark.
Me (lost): 1x 500 gram PB which bit the lure 1m from shore, 1x 1Kg which followed my lure all the way in from about 20 metres away, missed the lure multiple times and bit the lure again at 1m from shore. Also “ignorantly lost” another pb at about 300-400grams because I was too lazy to take photos.
Nigel (missed): 4 haruan on frog, 1x pb on minnow.

Tally for Spot Kilo Tango (E2)
Nigel (lost): 2x “ignorantly lost” pb at about 300-400grams.

With dipping spirits, we left at about 8am and moved on to Spot Kilo Uno.

The spot was filled with baiters so I was mildly pissed off. No fish were landed.

Tally for Spot Kilo Uno
Me (missed): 1x estimated 600 gram Temensis, 2x suspected PB.
Nigel (missed): 1x unknown fish.

We left at about 9am. On the way to his house, I suggested that we go explore some new spots so we settled on a spot now designated Spot Panda. It was an incredibly easy walk and we found a few nice spots along the way and even spotted fish. The toman fry were very curious about our lures but not one of them attacked which was a new experience for both of us. The water was exceptionally clear so we were somewhat content to play with them for a while. We eventually settled on a nice clearing that had ample room for long distance casting.

Nigel “ignorantly lost” 1 300 gram PB at the spot while I landed another 400 gram one.


At one point when retrieving my lure, I saw a 4-5Kg toman mama/papa swim past my lure then dash off as if spooked and 2 casts later another mama/papa tried to hit my lure but missed by almost about 50cm.

Tally for Spot Panda
Me (fish missed): 1x 4-5Kg toman and another toman.
Nigel (lost): 1x 300 gram PB
Me (landed): 1x 400 gram PB

We left shortly after and went to explore 4 more spots (without rods). The last spot was a very beautiful spot now designated Spot November Zulu.

Veteran anglers may recognise this spot and can confirm it by the designated name as it should be super obvious.

The place was beautiful but there was a river boat there complete with driver but no passengers. The water level was extremely shallow and there were no visible fish except for a small school of earth eaters. As we had no rods, we didn’t even bother casting.

The End.

Shawn started fishing in 1994. He caught his first fish (an Ah Seng) on that very first trip to Changi Carpark 4 (before it was barricaded). He built up his fishing knowledge and gear over the years but still keeps his old gear, just like the memories.

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