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25th February 2012 – Desaru Freshwater Ops 2

Shawn/ February 25, 2012/ Desaru, freshwater/ 0 comments

Synopsis: After working long hours non stop for the past month, I finally had a one day breather before having to get up early again for fishing. Woke up at 3.15am to meet at 4.45am. Reached at about 4.50ish due to the carpark being full. I had to park at the top floor. Bought macs for breakfast and encountered almost

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28th January 2012 – Ops Sangraal

Shawn/ January 28, 2012/ freshwater, Singapore/ 1 comments

This updates comes in the wake of working nearly everyday since the beginning of february so there’s not going to be much narrative as I can’t remember the details anymore. We met at Nigel’s place at 11.30, stocked up at 7 11 and headed out. When we finally reached the spot, we wasted little time and quickly went through the

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