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2nd January 2012 – Ops Cocoa + Ops Sangraal

Shawn/ January 4, 2012/ freshwater, Singapore/ 0 comments

The entire day was planned around Malau who we had “convinced” to join us for a luring mission. The plan was to meet at 6am at Nigel’s place but at 5.15am, Nigel messaged me saying that he was cancelling, despite effectively planning the event and instigating the entire affair. We moved into the first spot at about 6.30… At about

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Boxing Day FW Mission

Shawn/ December 27, 2011/ freshwater, Singapore/ 0 comments

I slept some time after midnight the day before. Owing to the Christmas season, late nights had been common for me for the past week. This was my fourth straight day of fishing and everyday I had been up early but not bright. The day began when I went to pick up my repaired Daiwa Freams 3500 (2011 model) from

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