Fishing with Abang

Shawn/ March 7, 2012/ Bottom Fishing, Night, saltwater/ 13 comments

The first time I went fishing with Abang in August 2011 was with the Lorry Gang namely Malau, Oldman, Nick, Nigel and me. The catch rate was surprisingly good relative to our track record in Singapore waters. While we were busy netting fresh sotong, I accidentally stood on some of them when I tried to go pee. I caught no

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Desaru Jigging

Shawn/ March 5, 2012/ Desaru, saltwater, TU Lighthouse/ 0 comments

The first time I went to Desaru was on the 5th of November 2011 with Nigel, Cindy, Tommy and Darren. It was my first jigging trip and to top it off, the jigging method was extreme (not extreme jigging). I only managed to get 1 fish (although it was the biggest that day and my biggest Queenie) when I started

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