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Sea Lion Steals Trophy Fish

Shawn/ September 12, 2014/ News, Overseas, saltwater/ 0 comments

Most people consider the marina to be a safe place though I’m not sure this guy may feel that way anymore. I can only hope that at least 2 pictures were taken. One, of the photo they intended, and the second one, with the Sea Lion in mid theft.

Desaru 2d1n – 7th to 8th April 2012

Shawn/ June 16, 2012/ Bottom Fishing, Desaru, Jigging, Live Baiting (Floating), Live Baiting (Free Running), TU Lighthouse/ 0 comments

We met up at 5.30am. It was freaking early but it wasn’t bright. We arrived at the usual start point at around 7am and were joined shortly after by Terence and his brother Ah Yong. Whether they were blood brothers or actual blood brothers I did not and still do not know. Badok led us to the launching point but

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