Tanjung Pinang Expedition (3 days, 2 nights)

Shawn/ September 29, 2012/ 24 hrs, Bottom Fishing, Jigging, Live Baiting (Floating), Live Baiting (Free Running), saltwater, Tanjung Pinang/ 7 comments

[Warning: This post may take a while to load.] There were countless sea tales told by many-a-scallywag, tales of seas awash with the golden glow of the setting sun reflecting off an orgy of fish. Expectedly, there was immense anticipation for this trip. Entire companies went on forced leave, old ladies began to report more and more missing jewelry, loved

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Update (3): Oil Spill near Tuas

Shawn/ September 13, 2012/ News, Singapore/ 0 comments

According to the MPA, the cleanup is now done. Oil Spill Following Collision Between “Sunny Horizon” and “DL Salvia” at Temasek Fairway – Update: 3 Since the collision between Hong Kong-registered bulk carrier “Sunny Horizon” and Korean-registered Liquefied Petroleum Gas carrier “DL Salvia” on 9 Sep 2012, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has worked with its partners

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Update(2): Oil Spill near Tuas

Shawn/ September 11, 2012/ News, Singapore/ 0 comments

Curiously, while on a fishing trip at Changi today, my white fishing line turned yellow and I could see specks of oil. I don’t see how the oil can spread so far, so fast, and in enough quantities to dirty my line so I doubt it’s related. Also, aAccording to the report, Sultan Shoal is now clean. Not sure if

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