DIY Battery Box with 18650 sized 3.7V nominal lithium ion batteries

Shawn/ September 29, 2014/ DIY, Electronics, Tips, Tricks and Guides/ 3 comments

[To see the build without all the planning, click here to jump there.] Back in the day, 18650 lithium ion batteries were all the rage, and still are. So I had some experience with sourcing these and looking for battery holders. Unfortunately, 18650 battery holders were not so easily available, especially in low quantities. I still have an unused aluminium

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Sea Lion Steals Trophy Fish

Shawn/ September 12, 2014/ News, Overseas, saltwater/ 0 comments

Most people consider the marina to be a safe place though I’m not sure this guy may feel that way anymore. I can only hope that at least 2 pictures were taken. One, of the photo they intended, and the second one, with the Sea Lion in mid theft.