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Camping & Fishing @ Mamam

Shawn/ August 15, 2015/ 24 hrs, Bottom Fishing, brackish water, Kayaking, Live Baiting (Floating), Live Baiting (Free Running), Luring, Pulau Ubin, saltwater, Wild Outdoors & Camping/ 1 comments

Almost everyone was late, some more than others. I myself was late by about 5 minutes. Eventually, after some of the shared weight had been distributed somewhat evenly, we gathered for the pre-launch photograph. Most of us at least. In attendance were Hermann, Hendrik, Titi, Fendy, Omar, and obviously, your’s truly. Along and (unconfirmed right up till the moment he reached Mamam) Mael would be joining us later. Much to Omar’s and Fendy’s annoyance, there was effectively no wind during the launch.