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Edit: Post has been updated because I found a few more pictures.

Having seen the potential in the adventure that Hendrik and I had had previously, Nick was keen to experience one himself.

So he and I hatched a plan for another kayak camping trip. Hendrik, unfortunately, was unable to join.

Like my previous camping trip, this one did not involve fishing just yet as it was an experimental trip. Nick did bring his fishing rods and crab traps though.

When we reached the spot, Nick wasted no time in cooking up his dinner.

Those prawns were from his previous netcasting sessions.

That’s still his meal, and his beer. He offered me one though and it was surprisingly nice to have a beer in the wild outdoors.

So one of the reasons I wanted to do this was to test out building a bushcraft chair.

I made this!

Using some old planks I found lying about and some branches that were on the ground, I made the chair. It was fairly stable. It only wobble slightly from left to right because I couldn’t drive the stakes into the ground far enough as it was very rocky. I could have made it perfect by adding a cross brace across the 2 stakes but alas it was very late by the time I got this done.

Somewhere around 8pm-ish, Nick set off again to set up his crab traps.

He only brought 2 along.

He caught nothing that night.

As Nick didn’t bring his hammock and his tarp was way too small, I set up my spare hammock for him and rearranged my tarp.

Another reason for me to launch was to test the usability of more mods I made on my hammock.

I made these hammock pockets. It was good except for the fact that it was too tight to be comfortable, it would occasionally tear at the seams, and tended to collect water. So I later replaced the material with a pair of old jeans.

Nick was having trouble with my spare hammock so he eventually opted to just sleep on the floor.

Morning eventually broke and we had a slow breakfast.

There were many many sandflies that night so when morning came we went straight home.


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