Shawn/ April 23, 2012/ Boating, freshwater/ 25 comments

Went to try out my new inflatable boat, the Intex Seahawk 2. The camera adds 50 pounds. =p My brother with his kiddie life vest bought in Thailand probably in the year 2000. Saw a massive Toman, probably 20lbs here. Smashed my underwater camera into my brother while I looked for my rod. Casted out a sasuke 105 silently (lure

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Pekan Sailfish

Shawn/ April 17, 2012/ Pekan, saltwater/ 1 comments

These are photos from my first ever trip to Pekan for fishing and my first ever Sailfish trip in October 2011. This was with Nigel, Weiyee and Cindy on the famous Pekan Ricky’s boat. I’m posting this for posterity. I had brought a my brand new Tiburon Smart Shift reel for the Sailfish. In fact, I saw the guy who

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