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Ops Kilo Tango. 2nd Luring Trip of the year.

Shawn/ August 9, 2013/ freshwater, Luring, Singapore/ 0 comments

My second luring trip of the year happened at the end of April. As usual, the usual spot, with the usual lure caught the usual fish. The only unusual thing was that any semblance of a trail had disappeared. Nigel and me had been through this before but this time, the weeds had really grown out and both Nigel and

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24th January 2012 – Ops Kilo Tango

Shawn/ January 24, 2012/ freshwater, Singapore/ 0 comments

With the poor performance at E2 yesterday, we just walked to E1 at the end. I once again tried my spot while Nigel went to the end after about 5 minutes. There was a massive fish hiding just in front of me. At the end of my first cast, when I was about to pick the lure out of the

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