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With the poor performance at E2 yesterday, we just walked to E1 at the end.

I once again tried my spot while Nigel went to the end after about 5 minutes.

There was a massive fish hiding just in front of me. At the end of my first cast, when I was about to pick the lure out of the water, I saw him between me and my lure. We both paused for a second, before he dashed off to Nigel’s side. I couldn’t tell if it was a PB or a Toman.

Nigel left shortly after. I then saw another fish, this time swimming in from the left to hide under the overgrowth of grasses that hid the shore line. I estimated it as a 7-8Kg Toman.

I tried everything to lure him out of his cover and to get him at least interested in the bait. Frogs, rodents, sasuke 105, sasuke 125 clone, berkley powertail, surecatch twintail grub, sinking lures, wide tail lures, basically everything that I had on me… and with every method I knew. Slow, fast, jigging, etc and any combination of those. It was not interested.

About a half hour later, it swam out but almost instantly, another estimated 3Kg toman came to take its place. This one was more curious and swam out to inspect my frog. But alas, it was not interested in biting it. I retried my entire arsenal but it too proved fruitless.

I gave up after a while and went over to the end of E1 where Nigel was. I did not fish much.

When we were about to leave (but still fishing), 2 PBs estimated at about 1 and 1.5Kg swam up to us, stopped and stared, then swam off.


Tally: Big Fat Kosong.

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