Semakau Round 2

Shawn/ August 9, 2013/ Luring, saltwater, Shorecasting, Southern Islands/ 2 comments

There was quite a lot of chatter about Pulau Semakau and hot off the heels of a very hectic three weeks, this trip was a no brainer. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of what happened. Maybe I should start writing things down? haha. As usual, timing was key. I managed to hit my first barracuda and I believe a grouper on

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Aggresive Fish bites Man’s Hand

Shawn/ August 9, 2013/ News, saltwater/ 1 comments

If we had this kind of aggression on a regular basis, there would be no fish left in the sea, or if it were somehow sustainable, I would not set foot on dry land except every 10 years. Probably.

Ops Kilo Tango. 2nd Luring Trip of the year.

Shawn/ August 9, 2013/ freshwater, Luring, Singapore/ 0 comments

My second luring trip of the year happened at the end of April. As usual, the usual spot, with the usual lure caught the usual fish. The only unusual thing was that any semblance of a trail had disappeared. Nigel and me had been through this before but this time, the weeds had really grown out and both Nigel and

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