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A Tip Off

Shawn/ August 17, 2015/ Bottom Fishing, brackish water, Kayaking, Pasir Ris/ 1 comments

I launched for a quickie and thanks to a tip off from a friend, I had what was advertised to be a sure hit spot. Unfortunately for me, I got no hits for quite a while but then as advertised, my rod suddenly bent like crazy and my heart went racing. After some time, I got this guy. About a

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A Random Kayak Trip

Shawn/ August 12, 2015/ Bottom Fishing, Kayaking, Netcasting, Pulau Ubin, saltwater/ 0 comments

Bob had launched early in the morning and Hendrik and I were to meet him on the water. As Hendrik was taking such a long time to set up, and Bob had already been waiting for some time, I took up Hendrik’s repeated offer and launched solo. While waiting for Hendrik, Bob fished while I netcasted and got myself some

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