DIY Battery Box with 18650 sized 3.7V nominal lithium ion batteries

Shawn/ September 29, 2014/ DIY, Electronics, Tips, Tricks and Guides/ 3 comments

[To see the build without all the planning, click here to jump there.] Back in the day, 18650 lithium ion batteries were all the rage, and still are. So I had some experience with sourcing these and looking for battery holders. Unfortunately, 18650 battery holders were not so easily available, especially in low quantities. I still have an unused aluminium

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Inflatable Boating in Singapore

Shawn/ January 3, 2014/ Boating, Singapore, Tips, Tricks and Guides/ 18 comments

To motorise or not to motorise. That really is the question. Boating in Singapore in a non-motorised inflatable boat is as simple as buying the boat, inflating it and then paddling yourself to freedom… well, almost. On the other hand, motorising an inflatable boat in Singapore is a tedious process that involves a lot of paperwork and a lot of

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