Ops Sangraal. 10 months later

Shawn/ October 28, 2014/ freshwater, Luring/ 0 comments

Hot off the heels of the Native Fishing League, and after our first foray into power boating our way to fishing Nirvana (or as it turned out, simply another day of fishing in Singapore), came this semi impromptu luring expedition. As is almost always the case, soft plans were made the night before. Something like, Nigel: “Tmr Sangraal?” Me: “Possibly.

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Kickstarter projects; New watercraft and batts?

Shawn/ October 20, 2014/ Boating, Boating Tech, News/ 0 comments

Kickstarter and it’s rival indiegogo have many wonderful projects that need financial backing. During one of my usual browsing sessions where I look for things to buy projects to support, I came across these. Check this out. They’re looking to break the world speed record for a human powered watercraft. Their target is 37kph which is just under 20 knots.

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