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Ops Sangraal. 10 months later

Shawn/ October 28, 2014/ freshwater, Luring/ 0 comments

Hot off the heels of the Native Fishing League, and after our first foray into power boating our way to fishing Nirvana (or as it turned out, simply another day of fishing in Singapore), came this semi impromptu luring expedition. As is almost always the case, soft plans were made the night before. Something like, Nigel: “Tmr Sangraal?” Me: “Possibly.

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Ops Sangraal. 5 days later.

Shawn/ December 21, 2013/ freshwater, Luring, Singapore/ 1 comments

First, this post is going to be text heavy. The fishing was good enough that we didn’t take photos of many of the fish we caught… and by caught, I mean those we bothered to land and/or not lose. After Kiat helped me with my dead van battery on our last trip here, we had to expedite this expedition. So

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Ops Sangraal. 1 and a half years later.

Shawn/ November 12, 2013/ freshwater, Luring, Singapore/ 1 comments

How long does it take for a reservoir to recover? The answer is, apparently, “less than 18 months”. Scheduling mix ups (fishing and work related) and a general preference for getting out on the sea, meant that this trip was a near total fluke. The planning convo went as follows. Me: “I’m not working on Tuesday liao. Sangraal?” Nigel: “Go.”

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