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Now, watch part 3 of the video or… read on…

Watch the video. I don’t have much photos of this day but boy was it fun.

The rain started just before 3am. So… Just after we went to sleep.

From the lessons learnt the day before I had set my tarp pegs way more securely. The better ground helped too. The tarp tautness still needed some work but it was alright I suppose.

The hammock though, was using the original suspension system and this was a $20 hammock from the old Army Market @ Beach Road. The hammock was lovely save for the fact that when it rained, as I found out, the water wicked down the suspension and somehow got on the inside of the hammock and thus pooled directly under my butt.

Somewhat annoyed at the bad sleeping conditions though greatly excited at this new experience (though you wouldn’t know it), I stayed awake for a bit to just enjoy the other bits of the situation that night rain brings include that cozy feeling you get when under shelter in the rain.

Fendy didn’t bring a tarp. I supposed he ran to the toilets (the only sheltered area nearby) when it first started to pour though he eventually joined me under my tarp. I gave him my chair and after a bit of chit chat then quiet, he fell asleep on that chair. So I eventually fell back to sleep in my wet-in-some-areas hammock.

I awoke the next morning to find Fendy gone from the chair. I found him sleeping in his completely drenched hammock instead.

When he finally awoke from his slumber, we had breakfast and then dilly dallied till it was time for lunch, which we delayed as well.

Eventually, we were ready to launch.

This time, the waters weren’t as peaceful as they were yesterday but they were still somewhat pretty.

When we arrived at the portage point the tide was not yet at it’s highest so we noticed that it could be possible to peddle or paddle underneath it if the tide was low enough. This time though, it wasn’t. So we lumbered and strained to carry Fendy’s heavy ass kayak over the railings. *cough. To be fair, my kayak was not ultra light with a lot of the gear still inside but it was light enough but we were already exhausted.

We eventually made it out of the river system into the sea.

Many lessons were learnt on this trip and with the great company, I will find it hard to forget this trip.

The End.

Shawn started fishing in 1994. He caught his first fish (an Ah Seng) on that very first trip to Changi Carpark 4 (before it was barricaded). He built up his fishing knowledge and gear over the years but still keeps his old gear, just like the memories.

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