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We brought Tom to what Spot Cocoa for what was supposed to be a morning only Op.

Again, the ‘big gang’ was there again but this time there were only 5 people, two of which later went off the to the place that Nigel and me had gone a few trips back.

Nigel managed to hook a baby halfbeak.

The rest of the day was pretty pathetic and not wanting to disappoint our foreign friend, Nigel and me silently concluded that this would not be a full day mission.

After a quick breakfast and finally deciding against Ops Sangraal (due to our laziness), we decided to bring him to Spot Duo Romeo. Because it was on the way, we also stopped off at Spot Mike Zulu Lima and Spot Lima Uniform Sierra.

Tom managed to hook up a beautiful Temensis specimen at Spot Mike Zulu Lima but threw it back before a photo could be taken. He did not catch anymore fish at that spot. My video camera was all ready and we saw a toman and small arowana swimming past but Tom could not hook up anything.

We then moved to Spot Lima Uniform Sierra but hooked up nothing despite seeing some fish there.

We finally moved to Spot Duo Romeo and saw this mauled Temensis on the ground.

We caught nothing at this place so after all that trekking, we decided to head back. We went back to Spot Mike Zulu Lima for one last try but got nothing again. Despondent, we headed back home.

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