17th January 2012 – Ops Mike Zulu Lima, Ops NS Lima

Shawn/ January 18, 2012/ freshwater, Singapore/ 2 comments

Headed out to meet Nigel to try a spot both of us had not tried in a long while. Nigel told me that he had first hand reports of 8Kg mama Temensis being hooked up like nobody’s business and that 30 pieces of fish in about 2 hours was to be expected. We did not hit 30 pieces nor did we hook up any mamas. When leaving, I remarked on the lack of mamas to which he quickly replied that the 30 pieces was, in general, referring to the quantity of fish in total. He’s “cheeky” that way. >:/

We shifted spots slightly a few times. At the drain spot, I saw a familiar face landing countless small Temensis. After giving up on the other spots, I moved to that spot and recognised a familiar voice. Turned out to be a famous moderator from a local fishing forum.

After a brief catch up on our lives since we last met, I casted out along the drain as well and managed to land this small but excellent specimen.

After getting bored and with the “danger hour” aproaching, I brought Nigel to Spot NS Lima where we saw Banhock. I had no idea who he was nor how well known this spot had become. With the catch rate (and indeed the successful fishing methods used at this spot) having changed significantly, we returned back to Spot Mike Zulu Lima.

After a brief period of fishing, we were about to move off when we saw a total of 4 new guys from 3 distinct groups joining us. I had already given up on there being any quality fish at this spot so I packed up while Nigel switched to his storm rubber lure. He landed this.

Generally bored with the situation and with one of the newcomers tapao-ing fish after fish, we left for home, where I browsed through Banhock’s thread with interest and admiration.

The End.

Shawn started fishing in 1994. He caught his first fish (an Ah Seng) on that very first trip to Changi Carpark 4 (before it was barricaded). He built up his fishing knowledge and gear over the years but still keeps his old gear, just like the memories.


  1. alamak u got the whole series of events wrong hahaha… banhock was in the middle. tapao was at the end. and it was a rubber lure from storm…not a fly wahahah

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