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We were originally scheduled for Operations Choco but since last night inevitably ended late (New Year’s Eve), we postponed our 5am wake up time to something more reasonable… like 12pm… ish…. So after lunch, we arrived at the spot at about 2.

Overall feeling of the place was that it was beautiful but dead.

Nigel Fishing

Be wary of all plants in your way. Sometimes the most innocent looking plants can give you nasty scratches. Casually tried to brush aside vine that was in the way but the vine stuck to my hand. Not realising that it was sticking because all the tiny claspers on that vine were already under my skin, I pulled my hand away roughly.

The soft vine that scratched me

Scratched by a soft vine

Nigel borrowed all my small lures and had some success with them. I lost one small Temensis on a Yozuri Tobimaru.

Nigel and his baby Temensis

Nigel with another baby Temensis

Videoing floating bag

Overboard floating bag (@ 10Kg)

Overboard floating bag (@ 10Kg)

Despite weighing 10kg on the boga/lip grip, the bag still floated fairly easily. Investment totally worth it!

Called it a day at about 6pm.


Nigel fishing

Known lures used:
Yozuri Tobimaru (Floating) – Orange

Eupro X-Power 6Ft ($77) + Ryobi Zauber loaded with 15lbs Tuffline – Green.
Nigel: Unknown rod with unknown reel using 6lb mono line with 8lb mono leader

xZoga 30lb FC leader with a knot that I appear to have made up (can’t seem to find this supposedly common knot online) at swivel and snap ends.
Sasami 47Kg swivel to join main line and leader and Angler’s Pal Snap at the end of the leader.

Tally: 2 small Temensis + 1 decent and 1 huge Temensis lost (Nigel), 1decent Temensis lost by me

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  1. Nice to read your blog. I’m glad if another time you’ll be in Borneo for a trip. Also nice to know you. Someday I dream of visiting your city!

    Have a nice strike!

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