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This trip almost didn’t happen due to differences of opinion on landing site (I wanted to go to Spot Choco while Nigel wanted to go to Spot Kilo Tango) but the night before , we came up with a compromise location.

This time round, we hit the location bright and early. Once again, at about 5am, we called each other up to confirm if we wanted to go and as per usual, none of us wanted to be the one to cancel the op so we went ahead. Lol!

When we arrived there were many other people there doing their morning rituals.

Today’s mission was only going to last 4 hours due to Nigel’s schedule. We did our usual thing but we found the situation to be fairly drastic as he water level at the location had dropped dramatically since the last time we had been here.

We casted our lures out but each time we came up with nothing. The path had a few more obstructions than we remembered but nevertheless we pressed on.

About 3 hours in, we reached the final spot before the terrain upped its difficulty again. Tired and sleepy, we both declared this spot to be the final one.

As I was casting, I shouted to Nigel that there were 2 fishes that were swimming within his casting distance. He casted his lure out a few times but the fish seemed uninterested.

Despondent, I just carried on. I still had not landed any fish in 2012.

3 minutes later, Nigel excitedly shouted “Tio!”. I rushed over as fast as I could and when I arrived, I saw that he had caught a small Peacock Bass which I currently believe is a Cichla ocellaris or the real Butterfly Peacock Bass.

Nigel with pb, Cichlas ocellaris

We took a few photos and I squeezed myself into that tiny spot before releasing the fish. The fish was unbelievably smelly.

Unlike Nigel, I had a tree right in front of my face so I was literally blind casting. After a while, Nigel changed his lure to a weighted fly in a manner not dissimilar to squid jigging with weights. He hooked up a similar sized PB but lost it halfway through the fight.

After another half hour at this place, seeing toman fry but not hooking up, and a certain someone performing actions that could have landed that certain someone an 80Kg human, multiple times, we decided to leave. We were so tired and disappointed with that spot that we totally packed up everything and didn’t even bother to fish back.

Tally: 2 misses, 1 lost, 1 landed PB by Nigel. 0 for me.


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