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After working long hours non stop for the past month, I finally had a one day breather before having to get up early again for fishing.

Woke up at 3.15am to meet at 4.45am.

Reached at about 4.50ish due to the carpark being full. I had to park at the top floor.

Bought macs for breakfast and encountered almost no traffic on the causeway. There was an extremely rude Malaysian customs officer who stared at us after finally tearing his eyes away fro his tv screen before asking us to fill in the declarations form about a minute later.

Despite this, we still managed to make it to the meeting place on time.

This trip was mainly to test the viability of freshwater fishing in Desaru. Our previous trip was a disaster and my theory is that all the fish are hiding below the immensely dense coverage of weeds that begins at the ‘pelagic’ area.

After we all went for a dump, 5 of us squeezed ourselves into the narrow backseat of the boatman’s narrow 4×4.

Spirits were high and Tommy even told the boatman we were going to paddle the boat out just like the previous group of Malaysians did. So he dumped the boat about 300 metres away from the water before returning to get the other one. lol.

It was during this time that we discovered that a certain someone had left our mac breakfast at the meeting place.

Unlike the last trip, we were on the water before 9am.

The water was extremely calm but by noon, the sun was beating down fiercely and the water was hot enough to cause you some discomfort, let alone the fish.

Our secondary boatman this time was more active in the fishing and managed get Nigel 2 big toman before 11am.



Unfortunately, there were no more fish caught by us.

Had the usual rest at the usual spot.

Our group was extremely chatty and lively and so we had a lot of fun. Some of us even got to sit on top of the boat (which was on top of the trailer) when we were going back. But in terms of fishing, I don’t think luring is a viable method of fishing there.

Had dinner at the usual place before calling it a day.

Shawn started fishing in 1994. He caught his first fish (an Ah Seng) on that very first trip to Changi Carpark 4 (before it was barricaded). He built up his fishing knowledge and gear over the years but still keeps his old gear, just like the memories.

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