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They day started pretty late for me. I had not intended to fish today but I ended up launching anyway, just to keep the muscles in form.

The wind was blowing pretty strong and it was fairly choppy. Both the wind and the current were not in my favour.

After about half an hour of peddling, I finally reached the group.

They seemed pretty content to just anchor there and remain at that spot, even though the fish weren’t really biting.

This is me standing in my kayak. The water wasn’t so choppy here but it didn’t really matter. The Native Slayer Propel 13 is stable enough to do this.

While we were waiting, Siti distributed some snacks that she had made.

Eventually, we began to move and I caught this while drifting…

We eventually moved back to withini the ‘blue barrels area’ but didn’t really get any more bites.

I did manage to catch this little guy though.

Curious about what was below, I decided to try my hand out with this net-like rig that I bought from desaru many years ago and managed to catch another. Both were released unharmed.

We called it a day not long after.

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