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This was Nick’s 2nd trip and Nigel came along.

The weather was dismal with a cold wind blowing and dark grey clouds threatening to cry, which they later did.

The model soldier showing off his FBO

We took a few pre-launch shots while Nigel did his interview thingy for his own blog.

My fish finder mount was still broken and no replacement had arrived.

We had intended to make a beeline for Ketam but with the late launch and with other delays while peddling, by the time we arrived it was definitely too late. Still, we had a few nibbles but nothing more than that.

While Nick was sulking because neither of us wanted to keep him company at his grunter spot, I noticed a boat that seemed to be parking near to us. When they were near enough for me to make out facial features, I realised that it was Frankie, an old colleague, on his new boat.


I was getting some nibbles on my line but didn’t get any solid takes (sulking Nick didn’t have his line in the water).

After about an hour, and noticing that a squid was nibbling on my prawn, I decided to move on.

Sotong (squid) at Ketam (Ketam Island)!

The wind began to pick up and in a very short time, we had drifted out of the ketam channel. We were going to make use of the wind to drift along the outside of ketam but suddenly the wind died down and in that moment we knew the heavens were about to open.

This was Nick’s first time anchoring and so he took a while to get it all done. It didn’t help that Nigel was trying to get him to angle his kayak right over a “fishing spot”.

It took a while but eventually, we all got settled in.

While we were waiting for the skies to clear, Nick managed to land this baby stingray.

Look at the length of that leader!

It was released.

Nigel again showing how NOT to wear a raincoat.

I, on the other hand (pun intended?), decided to take a self portrait to demonstrate how to properly wear a raincoat (I hail from an era where there were no such things as “selfies”).

Assassin’s Creed?

And of course, the customary artistic, half frame.

Myterious Assassin’s Creed?

Just after the skies cleared, Nigel got a double hookup but alas it was nothing but juvenile catfish.

You can see the raw and unadulterated excitement and joy in his face.

When the rain finally cleared, we headed for a short bit of fishing along the Pasir Ris side of the channel but caught absolutely nothing.

To sum up, it was a curiously uneventful but bad day of fishing with some good kaki.

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