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It was a long time since I had fished/kayaked with both Bob and Ryan.

They had launched the night before. So being sane, and thus treasuring my sleep, I joined them the next morning.

Alas, when I met up with them, they were about to call it a day.

We hung around for a bit and in just 2 metres of water and with my line just randomly and unthoughtfully thrown in, my rod suddenly made a massive bend.

Somewhat shocked and bewildered, I fought it for about 3 minutes before it surfaced.

It was a diamond trevally!

This wasn’t my first “Chermin” in local waters but it was definitely my first from a kayak and it had definitely been a very long time since I last caught one.

Unfortunately, the Chermin was clearly about to die so I gave it to Bob.

Bob and Ryan hung around for about another 10 minutes before heading to Pasir Ris.

I called it quits shortly after as well.

Pretty short day with a decent catch.

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