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Nick wanted to launch. So we did.

My kayak (Native Slayer 13), almost fully rigged up.

We hung around Ketam for a bit using Nick’s old (and dead, and frozen, and dead) prawns from his previous netcasting trip before we went netcasting. Yes, I had brought my brand new cast net. Nick was kind enough to give me a brief tutorial on cast netting a few days prior. What are neighbours for after all, if not to steal your plants.

As Nick ventured further and deeper into the river to find the prawns, I stayed at roughly the same spot. Wading through muddy water with a muddy seabed with muddy SLIPPERS isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world.

Nick caught a flower crab:

Nick got pinched by a flower crab:

I laughed… discreetly…. keenly aware that he still held the feisty crab in his hand.

Eventually, we both began catching some prawns.

My haul. Decent sized but not large, and definitely not that many.

With his experience and ability to move around, Nick caught a little more than me.

Nick’s haul. Some prawns are larger than the ones I caught, and obviously more numerous.

I kid of course, because that is clearly almost double the amount I got, and there was more to come.

I gave up after a while because my net kept getting snagged.

So for the first time ever, I tested my life jacket.

Have you seen those guys fishing with just a lifejacket and floating down a river? If the waters are calm, it could be a thing. Just don’t think about the monitor lizards, snakes (huge ass pythons), sea snakes (all are venomous btw, though there is a decent chance they won’t envenomate you when they bite), and all other manners of invertebrates that could get at you.

While I played in the water, Nick spotted this baby squid and scooped it up with his hand.

We headed out about half an hour later and used our freshly caught wild prawns to fish and I caught 2 more cuttlefish on both rods.

Both cuttlefish were released unharmed.

As expected, the weather turned sour.

Nick, decided there was time for him to get back to watercross before the rains hit but I continued fishing into the evening.

I eventually caught these guys

Both were released back into the water.

The End.

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